Interoperability and Quality Development in e-Learning : Overview and Reference Model for e-Learning Standards

University of Duisburg-Essen Institute for Computer Science and Business Information Systems (ICB) Universitaetsstr. 9 45141 Essen
Stracke, Christian M.

This article presents the generic multi-dimensional Reference Model for e-Learning Standards as the main outcome. First the importance and the tasks of interoperability as well as quality development and their relationship are analyzed. Especially in e-Learning their connection and interdependence is evident: Interoperability is one basic requirement for quality development. In this paper, it is shown how standards and specifications are supporting these crucial issues. After a short introduction of the relevant e-Learning standardization committees and initiatives (ISO/IEC JTC1 C36, IEEE LTSC, IMS, and ADL) their published standards and specifications are used to evaluate the Reference Model for e-Learning Standards. As a result it can be stated that the reference model is covering all kinds of e-Learning standards and that it is applicable and appropriate for their differentiation and categorization. In conclusion a vision of the challenges and potentials for e-Learning standardization is outlined for the future.


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