Competence Modelling for Innovations and Quality Development in E-Learning : towards learning outcome orientation by competence models

University of Duisburg-Essen, Institute for Computer Science and Business Information Systems 45141 Essen. (
Stracke, Christian M.
This article points out the special support that competence models can provide for the quality development in learning, education, and training, and in this regard, we can only highlight the main characteristics of this innovative approach called competence modelling and its relevance in E-Learning. A general competence model with a standardized competence structure and levels is introduced and discussed for use cases in E-Learning. It can be shown that competence modelling and the presented competence model lead to an improvement of the E-Learning working places, of the organizational and individual development, to an increase of the mobility worldwide as well as to a higher transparency and recognition of competences and skills.


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