Modelling of Emotional Development within Human-Computer-Interaction

Siegert, Ingo GND; Hartmann, Kim; Glüge, Stefan; Wendemuth, Andreas GND

Future trends point towards the usage of technical systems as companions, adaptable to the user's individual skills, preferences and current emotional state. To enable technical systems to determine a user's emotion, current research focuses on emotion recognition. Besides emotions, personality and moods are eminent as well. Standard emotion recognizers do not consider them adequately and therefore neglect a crucial part of user modelling. The challenge is to gather reliable predictions about the observed emotion of the user and, beyond that, recognise changes in the users emotional reaction during interaction. In this paper we present a mood model that incorporates personality traits based on emotionally labeled data.



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Siegert, I., Hartmann, K., Glüge, S., Wendemuth, A., 2013. Modelling of Emotional Development within Human-Computer-Interaction. Kognitive Systeme 2013.
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