SCTP : Strategies to Secure End-To-End Communication

The Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) is a fairly recent generic transport protocol with novel features, like multi-streaming, multi-homing, and an extendable architecture. This, however, prevents existing approaches to secure end-to-end connections from being used without limiting the supported SCTP features. New solutions also exist, but require extensive modifications that are difficult to realize and deploy. Hence, there is no widely deployed solution to secure SCTP-based connections. <br><br> In this thesis, possible strategies to secure end-to-end SCTP connections are analyzed. For each strategy, a viable solution that does not limit the features of SCTP is presented, with a focus on deployability in terms of standardization as well as implementation. Implementations based on common open source tools are developed and used to conduct functionality and performance measurements, with simulated and real systems, to prove the usefulness of the suggested approaches.


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