Von der 'lernenden Region' zur 'lernenden Organisation' : Regionalentwicklung im globalen Kontext

“Learning regions“ and “learning organizations“ are currently important topics of discussion but the two are discussed in different scientific communities. It would seem plausible to bring the two discussions together, thus enabling deeper insights to be gained into successful plan-ning by clearer understanding of major business organizations. This paper discusses “governance“ as a background to organizational “learning“. The author argues that, instead of talking about “learning regions“, it would make better sense to talk about “learning organizations“ that act within a framework of governance (on a local/regional, national or global level). Showing different approaches of organizational learning, the paper maintains an evolutionary perspective on the background of the structures of governance. These structures can be differentiated within a framework stretching between the “global – national – regional/local” axis and the “private – NGO – public” triangle. Organizational learning is understood as obtaining knowledge under specific rules of gover-nance. The acquisition of knowledge is the result of a common mental construction of the actors that are part of society. These constructions lead to significant changes in the enterprise organization, and to the organization of place and space.


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