Does Schizophrenia have a substantial genetic component?

A side by side comparison of two articles : - Genetic studies [Is schizophrenia inherited?] E.R.Straube & R.D. Oades and Schizophrenia: The clash of determinisms R.C. Lewontin, S. Rose, L.J. Kamin with an introduction to the controversy, discussion, questions to stimulate discussion and suggestions for further reading from S.O. Lilienfeld Straube and Oades review evidence review from twin and adoption studies of schizophrenia and conclude that schizophrenia is substantially influenced by genetic factors.Lewontin et al. find the evidence for the heritability of schizophrenia to be unconvincing and argue that greater attention should be focused on social and cultural factors in the genesis of schzophrenia.


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