Die Therapie des Larynxkarzinoms - ein 10-Jahres-Überblick

In a retrospective study the cases of 333 patients with carcinoma of the larynx treated between April 1989 and April 1999 were analyzed concerning survival rates depending on diagnostics, follow up and function preserving surgery. All regions of the larynx (supraglottic, glottic, subglottic, transglottic) were included. There were 31, 5 % T1, 30, 4 % T2, 23, 7 % T3 and 14, 4 % T4 tumors treated. 275 patients underwent surgery (including 105 patients with postoperative radiation therapy). Surgical methods were chosen depending on tumor size, localization and general criterions. 50 patients were treated with primary radiation therapy. 8 patients underwent primary chemotherapy. 5-year-survival rates were 93 % for all patients included in the study. Despite of larynx preserving surgery with increased local recurrence there were constant or improved survival rates – particularly in advanced tumors (T3 / T4) since 1980.


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