MILESS - A Learning and Teaching Server for Multi-Media Documents

Gollan, Holger; Lützenkirchen, Frank;
Essen University, Germany
Nastoll, Dieter

MILESS is a joint project between the Computer Center and the Central Library of Essen University, together with two pilot departments of linguistics and physics. The main purpose is to provide students and faculty of Essen University with a library server that supports several different functions that are needed within a digital library. Based on the IBM DB2 Digital Library product, MILESS can store and retrieve digital documents in any given format; moreover, searching is possible in a very elaborate way, and access control is supported as well. In this article, we will first discuss why there is a growing need for digital library servers, followed by a description on how MILESS is built on top of the IBM DB2 Digital Library. We will describe the software techniques that are used to build the system, and we give a test case for the use of MILESS when referencing different articles within a mathematical journal.

Begleitartikel zu einem Vortrag im Rahmen des "Workshop on Wide Area Networks and High Performance Computing" am Institut für Experimentelle Mathematik der Universität GH Essen, 1.9.-5.9.1998



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