Transpersonale Entwicklung : Stufenweg des erleuchteten Geistes

Transpersonal Development – Stages of the Enlightened Mind What are the limitations and possibilities of the human mind? What are the limits to what we are able to think, feel and be consciously aware of? Since the early 1970’s and the beginning of the so called 'transpersonal psychology', we find a growing awareness within the scientific community and resonance with the public worldwide with research in transpersonal development and mediation. In correlation with the expanding neurosciences of the 1980’s and 1990’s, the educational sciences and various other scientific fields including anthropology have been conducting research which has been illuminating with a much clearer light, who we are and what we are able to do. In this thesis we will provide a concise discourse into various theories including the modern neurosciences, striving to delineate the psychological mechanisms involved in the transpersonal process. We will describe the transpersonal dimensions, the so called 'higher states', and postulate the stages of conscious awareness from the illumined mind to the absolute mind.


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