LED-Mikrodisplays für intraokulare Sehhilfen / LED-microdisplays for intraocular vision aids

This dissertation introduces an implantable LED microdisplay in the aim of returning a certain ability to see to blind people. The microdisplay is the basic device of the intraocular vision aid (IoVA) – an implant developed for those whose cornea of the eye is considerably blurred due to accident or illness. This microdisplay consists of a LED-array which is connected to a CMOS driver circuit. By means of activating each pixel an image of the surroundings is generated and directly projected onto the retina. Within the scope of this dissertation the concepts and techniques of the intraocular vision aid are described. Physiological and technical parameters for application of the microdisplay are explained. That followed the material and applied technologies are defined. Finally the technological realization of the LED microdisplay is demonstrated as well as the first functional model on a worldwide scale.


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