Use of Natural Polysaccharides in Medical Textile Applications

In this thesis chitosan and ß-cyclodextrin were used as candidates in medical textile applications. The antimicrobial activity of dissolved chitosan was evaluated quantitatively against both bacteria and fungi by different methods. The activity increased by increasing the concentration of chitosan. As a result, chitosan was applied as antimicrobial finishing agent to cotton by different anchor groups. Bacterial activity of chitosan-treated cotton was measured by tetrazolium/formazan test method. A water soluble chitosan derivative, namely carboxymethyl chitosan (CMCTS)was synthesized and characterized. CMCTS was applied to pre-cationized cotton forming ionically crosslinked cotton. The improvement in physical properties of cotton combined with a moderate antibacterial activity was achieved. In dentistry, chitosan films were applied to Molloplast® B, soft liner based material for dentures to treat the denture stomatitis. Also ß-cyclodextrin was used in pharmaceutical applications. Two antimycotic drugs were complexed by ß-cyclodextrin. The drug delivery and the solubility of the complexes were measured and evaluated by the laser nephelometry in microtiter plate in-vitro.



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