Schnelle Fraktionierung von Analyt und Probenmatrix in der ETAAS

A recently developed two-stage Atomizer of I. L. Grinshtein was studied. His advantages and disadvantages were discussed. An attempt of the generalization of rapid chromatographical and non chromatographical fractionation of trace elements and sample matrix was carried out for ETAAS successfully. An Electrothermal Flow Fractionation Interface (EFFI) was designed as a development of the ETAAS analysis in order to allow sample preparation and measurement within the ETV system in a carrier gas. All main qualities of the new concept were studied both in theory and practically and compared with results of the conventional techniques as well as with the results of the Grinshtein Atomizer by conventional operation. A new transversally heated graphite atomizer was developed under conditions, that: 1) the lacks of the Grinshtein Atomizer are completely eliminated. 2) his construction is completely compatible to the commercial usual ones and considerably easier than ones of the commercial transversally heated graphite atomizers. 3) all functions of the usual operations such as stages of sample pyrolysis, sample atomization and cleaning of the Atomizer are supported. 4) fractionation of trace elements and sample matrix only due to the atomization process exceed in quality the properties of the usual atomizer operation (see point 3 above). Other numerous improvements of the ETAAS analysis were achieved to. For the first time in the ETAAS history undiluted and concentrated urine was analyzed even without pyrolysis and application of chemical modifiers.


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