Schnelle optoelektronische ICs für sichtbares Licht in CMOS-Technologie

During the last years, applications such as optical storage systems or the optical short haul communication have gained enormous relevance. In the first case pushed by the improvement of the storage capacity, in the latter by the availability of low-cost light sources, those applications are based on light of the visible spectra. Due to the hard speed and sensitivity specifications, by now the detectors for these applications are based on BiCMOS, III/V or optimised CMOS technologies whereas the enormous market potential demands the use of a standard CMOS process. Within the scope of this work, investigations concerning the aptitude of CMOS technologies for the mentioned applications have been done. Theoretical and measurement results for corresponding photodiodes as well as innovative readout circuit concepts, whose functionality is also underlined by measurements, are presented. Furthermore, theoretical analyses for the optimisation of these concepts with respect to different parameters are suggested. As a system application based on the gained results, a novel detector for optical storage systems has been realized. To the authors knowledge, this is the first chip in-situ combining the integrating and demodulating readout approach of photodiodes.


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