Dienstleistungskompetenz als berufsdidaktische und berufsbildungspolitische Herausforderung : unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der beruflichen Aus- und Weiterbildung des Bankkaufmanns/der Bankkauffrau

This dissertation focusses primarily on questions concerning the development of banking services and the promotion of service provision expertise within the professional sphere of the banker. The starting point is the initially theoretical identification of expertise for the purpose of determining service provision expertise as the personnel-policy counterpart to the service society. Its incorporation into the curriculum, associated conflicts of interest in the policy organisation of vocational training and didactical co-ordination and gradation between the initial vocational training stage and further professional development are examined within the context of the complex of topics related to the implementation of expertise. The focal points of an intensive survey of trainers and specialist instructors in the banking sector with regard to the mediation of expertise and the learning of expertise are concentrated on the qualification profile and vocational profile of the banker, learning sector orientation, training venue co-operation and integration of new media into the initial vocational training as teaching, learning and co-operation medium. These are supplemented by a selection, review and analysis of training books for the occurrence, usage and contextualising of service provision expertise. In conclusion, the aspect of utilising expertise is discussed, i.e. the testing and marketability of service provision expertise in vocational training and professional development, and the current development trends for banking vocations are examined in connection with the development of models for services and careers.



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