Informationserfassung durch galvanomagnetische und strukturierte Komponenten in Sensorsystemen

The high degree of automation in industrial manufacturing and in many areas of the daily life requires as well as the continuous rising need for information of the society an technical measurement monitoring of various process and environmental parameters. Sensors convert the instantaneous value of a physical measured variable on basis of physical or chemical effects into an equivalent electrical signal. They build the interface between a technical system and its environment. Magnetic field sensors, like the sensor elements Hall-Element and magneto-resistor which are based on galvanomagnetic ef-fects, react to a magnetic interaction with the item under test or cause such an interac-tion. The starting point of the present study is built by the treatment of the components of galvanomagnetic sensor systems as shape elements out of defined material, which are used as information carrier by modification of the constructional parameters. The variation of number, arrangement and/or geometrical shape results in one- or multidi-mensionally structured system components, which allow the generation of defined sen-sor system topologies with custom-designed information content. Within the framework of this work different new sensor systems were developed, which open a broader appli-cation scope to the galvanomagnetic sensor technology by structured components and which permit the application of these sensors within purviews of the measuring tech-nique, which are dominated so far by sensors on basis of other, usually optical effects. If the allocation of a sensor signal to the structure of a system component is reproducible and biunique, then the principle of the structure variation also admits a purposeful cod-ing of defined discrete information. For this a beginning for the development of magnetic structure codes for the identification technology forms the conclusion of this thesis.



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