Entwicklung einer Rastersonden-Messtechnik für die kontaktlose Bestimmung von Strömen in mikroelektronischen Leiterbahnstrukturen basierend auf dem magneto-resistiven Effekt

The non-destructive and contactless current detection is highly required for the function- and failure analysis of integrated circuits (ICs). Up to now, different measurement techniques have been proposed and introduced. No commercial measurement technique has been available for the application. The aim of this work was to develop a scanning current measurement technique, that allows to detect currents on ICs contactless. Micro-miniaturized magneto-resistive (MR) sensors were used for the current detection. The measurement principle is detecting and assessing the magnetic fields over the current carrying conducting line. Based on the MR sensors, a new probe was constructed. This probe enables parallel to the current detection, a topography measurement. Furthermore, different measurement techniques were introduced and successfully applied, for the AC-current detection in µA-range and in MHz-range on the test structures. Finally, the functionality of the scanning current measurement technique was demonstrated by the current detection on a real IC.



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