Vergleich deutscher und französischer Anzeigenwerbung : Standardisierung versus kulturbedingte Differenzierung verbalen und non-verbalen Inhalts

Will German car advertisings be successful in a French environment if translated literally and vice versa? This study elaborates an analysis methodology for print advertising that results from a broad overlook over related issues. Advertising is seen as a mirror of society that reflects its specific culture. As such, significant data about the German and the French culture can be extracted from advertisings by analyzing the verbal and non-verbal content. This study relates research in semiology, text gendres, verbal and non-verbal communication, and content analysis. The extracted information is useful in synthesizing qualitative and quantitative aspects of current research in the domain of advertisings. The results indicate that nowadays advertisings show important differences in the appeal as well as in the stylistic design/execution in form of written texts and images. The conclusion of this research is antagonistic to the influencial thesis of the world as one “global market” (Levitt, 1983).


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