Reisemotive, Reiseverhalten und Wahrnehmungen deutscher Touristen in Norwegen als Grundlage der Entwicklung neuer Konzepte für die norwegische Tourismuswirtschaft

This dissertation is a result of researches between 1996-2002. 1.351 Germans were interviewed in Germany and Norway. The researches focused on the motives of German tourists, their behaviour and perception. Very important is also the description of the Norwegian image. The image is old-fashioned and shows a country as it existed in den 1950s. The dissertation gives a survey about the history of tourism in Norway, reflects facts of the current tourism (number of visitors, accommodation,…) and gives information about the different attractions. Since 1994 the number of German tourists is decreasing, which are the largest tourist group in Norway. Especially a huge number of camping tourists do not visit this Scandinavian country anymore and a large number of German camping tourists with recreational vehicles stay apart the campgrounds (wild camping). This type of traveller ('autarktyp') were detailed interviewed concerning his behaviour and his perception. The analysed problems are wild camping, less recreation, consumption, long routes, tourism along main routes and locally high density of tourism. Finally the dissertation offers Solutions to solve these problems for example new forms of travelling, new types of camping sites and demands authors of travel guides to use their influence.



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