Photoelektrochemie und Elektrolumineszenz : experimentelle und multimediale Erschließung eines neuen Themengebiets für die Lehre

Photoelectrochemistry and electroluminescence - opening an new scientific field for the teaching of chemistry Following the description of the current state of knowledge in the field of photoelectrochemistry and electroluminescence in this thesis own scientific investigations and new results concerning photogalvanic, photoelectrochemical and electrochemoluminescence cells and the parameters determining their efficiency are described. Several experiments such as the "photogalvanic 2-pot-cell", the "photogalvanic 1-pot-cell", the "photoelectrochemical cell" and the "glowing razor foil" have been developed on the basis of these results. As visualising means and a support of the experiments seven multimedia-modules have been designed and programmed. The experiments and materials were embedded in a didactic concept that is based on the paradigm of the ground state and electric excited state of matter. Within this concept two teaching units ("from galvanic cells to solar cells" and "from electolysis to LEDs") were developed and explained step by step.

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