Dynamische Spannungsmessungen an Submikrometerleitungen mittels der elektrischen Kraftmikroskopie

The capability of today’s electronics bases on the use of integrated circuits, which contain millions of electronic structures. The trend towards decreasing structure width and increasing working frequencies of the integrated circuits produces a demand for special test techniques for function and failure analysis of new developed integrated circuits. The electric force microscopy (EFM) is a promising new test technique for contact-less, chip-internal voltage measurements with simultaneous high temporal and high spatial resolution. In this thesis the behaviour of the EFM measurement signal is investigated regarding dynamic voltage measurements on parallel sub-micrometer conducting lines. Therefore, the influence of the structure width, the probe geometry and of cross-talk on the measurement signal is analysed by means of measurements, calculations and simulations. Furthermore, a broad overview about the properties and possibilities of different EFM-measurement set-ups is given and the suitability of the so called "heterodyne mixing technique" for the measurement of periodic digital voltage is investigated.



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