Entwicklung einer kontaktlosen Magnetkraftmikroskopie-Messtechnik für Gleich- und Wechselströme in integrierten mikroelektronischen Schaltungen

The increasing complexity of integrated circuits (IC) requires IC internal contactless test-techniques for their function and failure analysis. The magnetic force microscopy-based current contrast imaging test-system makes the measurement of IC internal currents and current contrast imaging of IC areas possible. In this book a magnetic force microscopy (MFM) based current contrast imaging (CCI) test-system is presented. This new technology offers a promising tool for advanced contactless circuit internal function and failure analysis of IC. Contactless current images of 100nm wide interconnection lines and currents down to 1.7µA are presented. In this work the first high frequency current measurements up to 4.7 GHZ are demonstrated. Furthermore, there are some new detrimental effects on the technique which are discovered, explained by a new model and some possibilities for elimination of these effects are developed and presented. At least a failure analysis at a real IC is demonstrated.



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