Levi von Bonn alias Löb Kraus und die Juden im Alten Reich : auf den Spuren eines Verrats mit weitreichenden Folgen

The dissertation deals with the 'traitor' of the resolutions of a synod in 1603 when twenty-six communal leaders and rabbis of leading communities in Germany convened to reenforce the resolutions of former synods. This synod later became famous when all German Jews were indicted for 'crimen laesae Majestatis', high treason. Historiography connects this indictment with the generally agreed reputation of a notorious informer, Loeb Kraus, a 'learned but unscrupulous Frankfort Jewish butcher'. The discovery of a record of the 'Reichskammergericht' preserved in the State Archives of Duesseldorf/Germany enables us to interpret the affair in a new light. These numerous and hitherto unknown documents clearly establish the identity of 'Loeb Krause' as 'Levi of Bonn', a practically unknown court Jew of the Elector Ernst of Cologne, who had appointed Levi as supervisor of all the Jews in the electorate of Cologne in 1598.



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