MathDiss International

Within the scope of the project MathDiss International, a permanent international online full-text document server for mathematical dissertations will be established. In this connection, questions concerning an online presentation of the documents and the problems of long-term archiving (from TeX resp. LaTeX documents) will be considered. They include the question of how to homogenize such files in order to enable their later conversion into programming languages following XML. Furthermore, the expansion of research possibilities using online documents is being planned. Providing access to the tables of contents, lists of tables and illustrations and bibliographies on the LaTeX level is of top priority. Because of the structure of mathematical documents written in LaTeX we have a lot of high quality information which gathers dust in the archives without being used for the retrieval of scientific documents. This situation should be changed and it could be changed because LaTeX has become a widely accepted tool in mathematical literature. The project MathDiss International will be sponsored by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (the German Research Foundation) for one year. At the end of that year, the results will be turned over to the State and University Library of Lower Saxony in Göttingen which has offered to provide the long-term support for the new Services.



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