Vertikale Wanderwellenmodulatoren auf Quantenfilmbasis für die optische Informationsverarbeitung

The vertical optical travelling-wave modulator represents a new high-frequency element for optical data processing. The modulator is designed for a wavelength of 1200 nm and combines the layered structure of vertical optical modulators based on pseudomorphic InGaAs/GaAs quantum-wells with microwave lines from the MMIC technology. The quantum confined Stark effect is used to modulate the optical signal. The multiple quantum-well structure is embedded into an asymmetrical Fabry-Perot resonator built from a Bragg reflector and an aluminum layer to increase the electrooptical effect. The modulators produces a reflectivity change of 0,28. Large scale travelling-wave modulators are capable of critical frequencies higher than 40 GHz. By varying the width of the central conductor of the microwave line, the slow-wave factor could be varied experimentally between 4.8 and 12,7. The applied microwave produces a modulation lattice along the microwave line which can be used in a high frequency beam-steering element for optical information processing


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