Anwendung der Ähnlichkeitstheorie zur experimentellen Eigenschaftsabsicherung eines Bahnplanungsverfahrens für Fahrzeugführungssysteme

The PhD-Thesis is also published by the VDI-Verlag, Düsseldorf. - 2005. Fortschrittberichte : Reihe 12 ; Nr. 606. - ISBN 3-18-360612-7 <p> The use of scaled vehicles can take advantages regarding risk and cost minimization within the experimental verification of vehicle dynamics development projects. Hence this work presents a development methodology including scaled vehicles and a fully functional scaled vehicle itself. To demonstrate the usage of scaled vehicles a flexible path planning method for future vehicle guidance systems is developed, whereas the vehicle path behaves like an elastic band which avoids obstacles while ensuring a smooth vehicle path. To ensure vehicle safety under vehicle dynamic aspects during the planed manoeuvre a path-oriented procedure to a priori predict vehicle dynamic states is presented. Verification of the path planning method is done by conducting several test drives with the scaled vehicle.


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