WISTAR Deliverable Nr. 1.6.1. Kick off Meeting and Report

This kick off report marks the commencement of “Waterways for Green Inland Sustainable Transport and Rural Businesses” - WISTAR Project, a strategic effort focused on the promotion of energy-efficient and sustainable inland waterways transportation for small rural business in the Normandy (FR), Ruhr (GE) and Walloon (BE) areas. This document provides a detailed overview of the project's vision, objectives, scope, and key milestones.

The purpose of this report is to establish a common understanding among all stakeholders regarding the project's goals, timelines, and the roles and responsibilities involved. It is intended to serve as a foundational guide for navigating the project from initiation to completion.

As we begin this project, our aim is to ensure clarity and alignment in our efforts, setting the groundwork for successful execution and completion. The information herein will help facilitate effective communication and coordination throughout the project lifecycle.


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