Artificial Intelligence in teaching and learning : Recommendations for handling AI at UDE

With these guidelines, the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) would like to provide its members guidance and recommendations on how to handle AI technology in teaching and learning. As the field of AI technology in particular is subject to rapid changes, these guidelines are to be updated and expanded on a regular basis.
AI systems affect the world we live in and are already being employed in various fields. This also applies to the education sector and to teaching and learning at universities. In order to identify and embrace the potential and the challenges of AI-based tools in the context of work and research or for learning, one needs to understand the processing operations and the implications for society. Therefore, the use of AI-based systems in teaching at universities necessitates that employees, teaching staff, researchers and students develop the skills required to use AI-based systems appropriately and responsibly and in a way that suits the particular task. From a technical perspective, the processing, analysis and exploitation of data (data literacy) is also of particular importance as an overarching topic in research, the work environment and learning.


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