Study on the impact of data and information quality on warehouse management of raw materials on the supply chain in an enterprise of the consumer goods branch

This article is based on an unpublished master's thesis of the same title from 2021at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

The management of a company's inventory plays a critical function in most businesses. Without a robust management structure, long-term profitability can be harmed due to increased inefficiencies. This research will look at how warehousing and inventory management might impact a company's competitiveness against current and potential market competitors. Warehouse management is an important part of a company's manufacturing and logistics processes since it keeps raw materials, parts, in-process products, and finished items between origin and consumption. The continuously evolving consumer products industry in Germany is large and complex to manage across the area. As a result, Iconsidered Vivere GmbH, a Hamburg-based firm, and gathered the information listed below. This research is based on on-the-ground research in one of Germany's fast-moving consumer products industries. Vivere GmbH is the most prominent maker of basic consumer goods. A variety of senior staff employees from the representative domain level were questioned, revealing warehouse management and supply chain integration challenges as well as opportunities. As a result, my company gathers the information provided in this project. Because it includes a work process of how inventory management might be productive, this study is both theoretically and practically valuable. Production managers may simply coordinate other services to strengthen the supply chain and improve company competition through inventory management optimization.


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