Kommunikation von Lehrkräften mittels Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien an Schulen unter dem Aspekt der Belastung

The aim of this work is to investigate the specific terms and conditions of communication via information and communications technology (ICT), especially considering strain and stress for teachers in primary and secondary education when using ICT to communicate with colleagues, parents and students. In contrast to most other publications about ICT in schools, the focus is not on the application and usage in class, but on the communication via ICT outside of class with colleagues, parents and children under the lens of stress and strain. When looking at the use of ICT in primary and secondary schools, almost all considerations lay upon the usage of ICT as a tool to improve learning in some kind of class setting or other way. In contrast many publications on ICT-use in a non-school working environment focus on the effect on stress and strain the usage of ICT causes. This work tries to combine both perspectives and view communication via ICT at schools outside of a class setting under the aspect of stress and strain for the teachers.

First an overview of common stress and strain theories, typically used in the context of ICT is given, followed by findings on stress and strain regarding the usage of ICT in schools and outside of schools. Based on these findings research questions for communication via ICT in schools are formulated and examined using the problem-centered interview and qualitative content analysis. Main findings are beside some interesting use cases of ICT e.g. for class evaluation, the need for overall professionalization of communication via ICT in schools, the attention in all three phases of teacher training, the obligation of principals to give guidelines for their school as well as leading by example using ICT productive and professionally.


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