Die Wahrheitsfrage als Herausforderung Interreligiösen Lernens

Fakultät für Geisteswissenschaften an der Universität Duisburg-Essen / Campus Essen, Universitätsstr. 12, D-45141 Essen, E-Mail: thorsten.knauth@uni-due.de.
Knauth, Thorsten

In view of religious plurality, the question of truth in religious education requires dialogic learning. The connection between truth and subject, the emphasis on experience, as well as the relation of truth to practice, are features of a specific modality of truth with regard to religion. Thus, an interconnection of discovery for religion-related dialogic learning is constituted, in which the reasons of truth and the truth claims of different religions can be projected. The separation of possibility conditions of dialogue and the validity bases of propositions remains necessary for the talk about religious truth. Theologically, modesty is crucial with regard to truth claims. From a religious-pedagogical point of view, religious education has to be conceptualized as a place of understanding, in which an exchange of truth claims and the search for truth are fostered within the tension of subjectivation and exclusive validity claims.


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