TRIBES & InZentIM Focal Meeting 2021 - Keynote Lectures

Video recordings of the four keynote lectures during the InZentIM & COST CA18115 (TRIBES) Joint Focal Meeting "Social Integration of Migrants in Schools – Developing Professional Skills for Bullying Prevention and Positive Social Relationships" (February 18 & 19, 2021, Online Meeting) /// Keynote Lectures: (1) The Interplay of Social and Structural Integration: Selection and Influence Processes in Adolescent Social Networks Within Schools (Dr. G. Lorenz) /// (2) Acculturation Process and its Meaning for Social Relationships in School (Prof. Dr. E. Makarova) /// (3) School Bullying Related to Migration (Prof. Dr. D. Strohmeier) /// (4) Cyberbullying: What We Have Learned, and What We Can Do (Prof. Dr. S. Hinduja)


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