Safety of coagulation factor concentrates guided by ROTEM™-analyses in liver transplantation : results from 372 procedures

Hartmann, Matthias GND; Walde, Caroline GND; Dirkmann, Daniel GND; Saner, Fuat GND

Most centres use fresh frozen plasma (FFP) based protocols to prevent or treat haemostatic disturbances during liver transplantation. In the present study, we used a rotational thrombelastometry (ROTEM™, TEM, Munich, Germany) guided haemostasis management with fibrinogen concentrates, prothrombin complex concentrates (PCC), platelet concentrates and tranexamic acid without FFP usage and determined the effect on 30 day mortality.

Retrospective data analysis with 372 consecutive adult liver transplant patients performed between 2007 and 2011.

Thrombelastometry guided coagulation management resulted in a transfusion rate for fibrinogen concentrates in 50.2%, PCC in 18.8%, platelet concentrates in 21.2%, tranexamic acid in 4.5%, and red blood cell concentrates in 59.4%. 30 day mortality for the whole cohort was 14.2%. The univariate analyses indicated that nonsurvivors received significantly more fibrinogen concentrates, PCC, red blood cell concentrates, platelet concentrates, and infusion volume, and had a higher MELD score. However, association with mortality was weak as evidenced by receiver operating characteristic curve analyses. Further univariate analyses demonstrated, that up to 8 g of fibrinogen did not increase mortality compared to patients not receiving the coagulation factor. Multivariate analysis demonstrated that platelet concentrates (p = 0.0002, OR 1.87 per unit), infused volume (p = 0.0004, OR = 1.13 per litre), and MELD score (p = 0.024; OR 1.039) are independent predictors for mortality. Fibrinogen concentrates, PCC, and red blood cell concentrates were ruled out as independent risk factors.

ROTEM™ guided substitution with fibrinogen concentrates and PCC does not negatively affect mortality after liver transplantation, while the well-known deleterious effect associated with platelet concentrates was confirmed.


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Hartmann, M., Walde, C., Dirkmann, D., Saner, F.H., 2019. Safety of coagulation factor concentrates guided by ROTEMTM-analyses in liver transplantation: results from 372 procedures.
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