A space-time coding approach for RFID MIMO systems

Zheng, Feng LSF; Kaiser, Thomas LSF

This paper discusses the space-time coding (STC) problem for RFID MIMO systems. First, a mathematical model for this kind of system is developed from the viewpoint of signal processing, which makes it easy to design the STC schemes. Then two STC schemes, namely Scheme I and Scheme II, are proposed. Simulation results illustrate that the proposed approaches can greatly improve the symbol-error rate (SER) or bit-error rate (BER) performance of RFID systems, compared to the non space-time encoded RFID system. The SER/BER performance for Scheme I and Scheme II is thoroughly compared. It is found that Scheme II with the innate real-symbol constellation yields better SER/BER performance than Scheme I. Some design guidelines for RFID-MIMO systems are pointed out.

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Zheng, Feng / Kaiser, Thomas: A space-time coding approach for RFID MIMO systems. 2018.

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