Self-Interference Mitigation in Full-Duplex Base-Station using Dual Polarized Reflect-Array

Zarifeh, Nidal;
Institute of Digital Signal Processing, Duisburg-Essen University, Germany
Alissa, Mai; Khaliel, Maher;
Kaiser, Thomas

This paper proposes the use of reflect-array to mitigate self-interference in the propagation domain aiming to achieve a full-duplex mobile system. An ultra-wideband reflectarray is designed to enable full-duplex in an indoor/outdoor LTE base-station with half-duplex users. The antenna design is customized to meet the full-duplex requirements by generating two cross-polarized beams using two separate feeders to achieve high isolation between the downlink and uplink signals. The paper also analyzes the components of self-interference in the direct and back-scattered paths, and the amount of isolation that can be achieved in a wideband system. Both reflect-array and full-duplex technologies are strong candidates to be used in 5G.


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