High-efficiency thermal switch based on topological Josephson junctions

We propose theoretically a thermal switch operating by the magnetic-flux controlled diffraction of phase-coherent heat currents in a thermally biased Josephson junction based on a two-dimensional topological insulator. For short junctions, the system shows a sharp switching behavior while for long junctions the switching is smooth. Physically, the switching arises from the Doppler shift of the superconducting condensate due to screening currents induced by a magnetic flux. We suggest a possible experimental realization that exhibits a relative temperature change of 40% between the on and off state for realistic parameters. This is a factor of two larger than in recently realized thermal modulators based on conventional superconducting tunnel junctions.


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Sothmann, B., Giazotto, F., Hankiewicz, E.M., 2017. High-efficiency thermal switch based on topological Josephson junctions. https://doi.org/10.1088/1367-2630/aa60d4
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