LES of Flow Processes in an SI Engine using Two Approaches : OpenFoam and PsiPhi

Nguyen, Minh Thuong; Janas, Peter; Lucchini, Tommaso; D'Errico, Gianluca; Kaiser, Sebastian; Kempf, Andreas LSF

In this study two different simulation approaches to large eddy simulation of spark-ignition engines are compared. Additionally, some of the simulation results are compared to experimentally obtained in-cylinder velocity measurements. The first approach applies unstructured grids with an atomated meshing procedure, using OpenFoam and Lib-ICE with a mapping approach. The second approach applies the efficient in-house code PsiPhi on equidistant, Cartesian grids, representing walls by immersed boundaries, where the moving piston and valves are described as topologically connected groups of Lagrangian particles. In the experiments, two-dimensional two-component particle image velocimetry is applied in the central tumble plane of the cylinder of an optically accessible engine. Good agreement between numerical results and experiment are obtained by both approaches.


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Nguyen, M.T., Janas, P., Lucchini, T., D’Errico, G., Kaiser, S., Kempf, A., 2018. LES of Flow Processes in an SI Engine using Two Approaches: OpenFoam and PsiPhi. https://doi.org/10.4271/2014-01-1121
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