Modelling and implementation of a microscopic traffic simulation system

This thesis presents the foundations, the initial state, and the progress made in modelling and implementing a real-world and real-time online microscopic traffic simulation system for highway traffic. To successfully model and implement such a simulation system, this thesis recommends the use of a number of formal methods applied at the right places. As part of the recommendation, this thesis proposes a microscopic traffic simulation system. To explore the feasibility and the potential of the recommended methods, it observes and examines the proposed system from multiple views and under various different aspects. As part of the examination, this thesis provides a (semi-)formal specification, a model implementation, an implementation of a productive system, and the benefits that result from validating such a system. The results and any proper application of them have the potential to increase the reliability and the trustworthiness for any future implementation of the proposed simulation system. The presented results additionally motivate to apply the proposed approach to similar simulation systems. The thesis concludes the presentation of the results with some considerations for future implementations.


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