Bildungsaufsteiger - Eine theoriegeleitete empirische Untersuchung bildungsbezogener Aufwärtsmobilität von Schülern/Schülerinnen aus ressourcenschwachen Milieus

The quantitative study deals with the question of under what circumstances adolescents from resource-poor contexts of origin can be successful in school despite of the strong correlation between social background and educational attainment, which can be detected in Germany. On the basis of Pierre Bourdieu’s “Theory of Practice” and his empirically funded assumption that the education system doesn’t react neutral to the class system, but prefers the hegemonic classes’ social forms of practice (reproduction in education), the main working hypothesis is that the habitus of the educationally successful pupils from resource-poor milieus are more compliant with the requirements of school than the habitus of pupils who have only little school success but a similar social background. The study bases on a secondary data analysis.


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