Diversity of Future Mobility - Automotive Landscape 2025

Schramm, Dieter LSF

The text gives an overview about the automotive landscape in 2025 based on a global view. In the first section the global megatrends and the framework conditions are identified. Then it reviews the main technical developments with a special focus on electrical and hybrid vehicles. In addition the efficiency chains for propulsion systems with combustion and with electric motors are compared. It will be shown that eMobility without the use of renewable energies is not sufficient to enable an extensive green transport system. This will then be followed by exemplifications concerning the economics of Electric & Hybrid Powertrains and an outlook on the development of the market for fully or partly electrically driven vehicles. The Market Forecast for passenger cars, based on data gathered at the CAR Center for Automotive Research, Germany, is the focus of the last part of the presentation.


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