Entwicklung eines Systems zur Kopplung eines Gaschromatographen mit einem mikrowelleninduzierten Plasma zur spektrometrischen Bestimmung von organischen Substanzen

A new detector for gas chromatography based on a microwave induced plasma has been developed. In order to record chromatograms emission spectra of diatomics are detected. Also a new method to obtain qualitative information on the analysed organic compound has been developed. The new detection method allows to get information about the atomic composition. In some cases the detector signals can be correlated with the constitution of the analysed substance. The detection method is based on the simultaneous detection of the spectral density of molecular bands of different diatomics as CC, CH, CN, NH, OH and an atomic hydrogen line. The resulting peak areas and the offset of the OH band are correlated with the analysed compounds by multivariate linear regression.



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