Synchrone Groupware für die Software-Ausbildung : ein Beispiel für die Ableitung unterstützender Werkzeuge aus problemorientierter Sicht

Computer supported cooperative working (CSCW) extends traditional work forms by possibilities to support spatially and temporally distributed teams. As CSCW describes the research fields the term Groupware identifies the systems (mainly software) that support the distributed teams in their cooperative actions. Software Engineering is cited very often as a proposed application field for CSCW. This thesis provides the theoretical background for the development of a synchronous groupware, especially for the application in software engineering education. It gives an overview on the state of the art concerning the introduction of groupware into this edu-cational field. Apart from this, special solutions for the design and implementation of the human computer interface have been developed (including floor control and group awareness mechanism). Also a protocol stack based on IPv6 and native Ipv6-multicasting has been developed. The final chapter describes the first experiences result-ing from a couple of experiments.

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