Einsatz optoelektronischer Technologien in implantierbaren Mikrosystemen

Die Dissertation erscheint parallel im Verlag: Lehrstuhl für Mikrocharakterisierung, Friedrich-Alexander-Univ., Erlangen,
ISBN 3-932392-38-8

The area of neuro-technology is an example of recent developments in medical technology in which technical progress in modern information technology - particularly within the field of micro system engineering - is to be used successfully for implants. Implants for the eye supposed to give back a certain vision to blind persons in future is a very demanding task. This includes eye disease patterns where the photoreceptors in the human retina are degenerating, thus losing their light receiving function. Meanwhile, work was performed on further ophthalmologic implants for blind persons whose cloudy corneae of the eye are opaque due to illness or accident. In this work the possibilities of opto-electronic technologies for the application in eye implants are analyzed. First, the advantages of opto-electronic procedures within the young and interdisciplinary research field of neuro-technology are pointed out. The concepts developed for the application in eye implants are presented and discussed. On this basis the technical feasibility is demonstrated by means of two examples. In detail the wireless - here optical - transfer of electrical power to a subretinally fixed retina implant (SUB-RET) is presented, as well as the pilot development of an LED based miniature display for the implantation within an artificial intraocular lens.



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