Die Wavelet-Analyse als chemometrisches Werkzeug

In most cases chemometric methods (PCA, PCR, PLS) are used for data modelling when NIR-spectrometry is applied for analytical purposes. This work is about the application of the wavelet-transform as a tool in chemometrics for analysing NIR-spectra. Beside aspects of data pretreatment, like smoothing of NIR-spectra, and data compression the focus was set on NIR-analysis using wavelet-transformed NIR-spectra. A new method for building multivariate calibration models based on wavelet-coefficients selected by a genetic algorithm is introduced. In addition the results obtained by calibrating wavelet-coefficients using PCR and PLS are descriped. Furthermore the identification of post consumer plastic waste by wavelet-transformed NIR-spectra and an artificial neural network is demonstrated. Two new special types of wavelets which allow analysing finitely extended signals (like spectra) without introducing artifacts near the boundaries were applied


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