Materialforschung an porösen Festkörpern mittels Xenon-Diffusionsmessungen : eine 129Xe-NMR-Studie

This thesis describes the measurement of xenon diffusion coefficients in porous media via Pulsed Field Gradient (PFG) NMR spectroscopy. The thesis includes the characterization of a phase seperated polymer blend (PP/EPDM) in comparison to the pure components, the characterization of a number of commercially available semi-crystalline polymers and the characterization of a new microporous solid catalyst (silconimidonitride) with three different pore sizes by the diffusional behaviour of xenon in these materials. In addition to that a new theory is described which correlates the chemical shift of 129Xe NMR adsorption resonances with the corresponding xenon diffusion coefficients.


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